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Weekend Schools

Muslims to Achieve Spiritual Goals
  • At the IACC we apprehend the significance of learning Islam and Arabic language as the main source of our culture. Therefore we hold the responsibility to maintain the Islamic culture and identity. We offer a welcoming environment where our children can learn Arabic language and Islamic studies.

There are five levels in the weekend school based on the student’s age and their educational scale. We have a very clear goal and vision in teaching the students with a very competent group of teachers who spend several hours preparing lesson plans, assignments, tests, etc.

IACC also has a very dedicated group of volunteers to help children to carry out their social and sports activities. The school uses a variety of study materials including books, projectors, and a computer lab. Parents are responsible for the cost of all books & other study materials like pencils & notebooks, which is included in the supply fees. All students are required to use a standard Saturday and Sunday School Bag for study materials. On occasion, we can arrange a collective buying process for books and other supplies for parents.

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